For improved Product quality and production for Raffia Tapes
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Benefits of using Polycoat Compound in Raffia Tapes
Improves Tenacity
Higher elongation
Less tape breakage with higher filler loading
Faster line speed and improved output
Downgauging opportunities
Cost-reduction opportunities
Polycoat Compound an opportunity for manufacturers of Raffia tapes to improve quality by enhancing the two properties, elongation and tenacity.
Acting as a viscosity modifier, polycoat adds value to Raffia Tapes because it delivers less tape breakage.
When polycoat compound is blended with polymers the elongation of the Raffia tape is improved. Tapes can be stretched more which increases the orientation of the tape resulting in higher tenacity.
Higher tenacity enables customers to downgauge the denier, producing a light fabric with the same or higher strength.
Higher elongation improved the burst strength
Higher elongation also enables the producers to increases the content of AFMB Filler Masterbatch in tapes.
Polycoat Compound for improve bond strength of extrusion coated and Laminated woven sacks
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Easy Processing
Outstanding Compatibility with PE & PP
Excellent dispersion to increase the filler loading
Act as a coupling agent between Polymers and CaCo3
Downgauging the film and cost reduction opportunities
Improved recycling
Outstanding optical properties so fabric more glossy and shiny
Excellent mechanical properties.
Addition Level - 5% to 15%