OXO- Biodegradable (OBD) Additive

OBD is a degradability-promoting plastic additive that is comprised of a proprietary blend of prodegradants, stabilisers, and fillers in a polyethylene (PE) carrier.

Typical Applications

OBD can be incorporated into PE to make translucent and opaque flexible products such as PE garbage bags, carrier bags, mailer envelopes, aprons, gloves, and ponchos.

Prescribed Addition Rate

3-4% by Weight

Product Specification



The color of OBD additive may vary from light to dark purple due to the nature of the raw materials, processing and storage conditions. Consequently, finished products incorporating OBD might vary in tint and may be more noticeable if the product is stacked together or in a roll.

Food Contact Status

OBD additive comply with the Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act (FDA) C.F.R. Chapter 21, and the European Union Regulation EU No 10/2011 on food contact plastic materials and articles applicable to all EU Member States.




Transparent Filler Masterbatch

Good for transparent LDPE film, have a function of Optical Brightener.

  • Very white and shine in appearance.
  • Recommended for transparent LDPE film & transparent HDPE film.
  • Have function of Optical Brightener.
  • Plastic barium sulfate masterbatch named as barium sulfate additive,barium sulphate compound,plastic BaSO4 extender,BaSO4 composite,BaSO4-filled optical brightener.

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PS Calcium Carbonate Compound

Modify physical property of plastics, act as plastical modifier.

Replace petroleum resource, reduce production cost. Environmentally friendly.

Improve printability, smoothness, hardness, stiffness, anti-block...

PS chalk masterbatch: used for PS sheet extrusion, PS injection mould..., one of masterbatches modifying polystyrene resin.

  • Processed by the four paddle rotor internal batch mixer or twin screw extruder.
  • Calcium carbonate master batch for transparent HDPE film available now. Adding by 5-10%, transparency becomes better in some cases; adding by 10-30%, transparency is still good enough. It's also good for LDPE film, HDPE pipe and PP sheet, which are transparent, but not very transparent.
  • Rub the film, CaCO3 (powder) and/or talc (powder) are not found.
  • Pellet is round and flat in shape, smooth feeling, well plastified, good dispersibility.
  • Ideal additive, harmless, no toxin.
  • Save cost, reduce expenditure, strengthen competition.
  • Professional process: CaCO3 (powder) and/or talc (powder) are coated and activated by unique coupling agent, dispersant and plasticizer before CaCO3 (pellet) and/or talc (pellet) are produced.
  • Special formula: CaCO3 compound and/or talc compound do not apparently side effect physical property of PE film, sometime the tensile strength of PE film becomes better after adding CaCO3 compound and/or talc compound.
  • Plastic chalk masterbatch named as chalk compound,chalk additive,chalk-filled extender,granulated chalk-filler composite,plastic CaCO3 agent,CaCO3 extender,CaCO3 granule.


Hollow Sheet Grade
Series MI ( g/10min) Whiteness(%) Density (g/cm? ) Adding ratio Application Feature For Sheet/tray
01 3.0-5.0 >85 1.65-1.75 30-50% sheet/tray high rigidness



Extruded Sheet Grade
Series MI ( g/10min) Whiteness(%) Density (g/cm? ) Adding ratio Application Feature For Sheet/tray
01 3.0-5.0 >80 1.68-1.75 10-50% PP/PE sheet/tray flat and smooth, no dust


Injection Mould Grade
Series MI ( g/10min) Whiteness(%) Density (g/cm? ) Adding ratio Application Feature For Sheet/tray
01 7.0-9.0 >90 1.55-1.65 2-10% ABS & PS injection mouldy flat and smooth, no dust, reduce shrinkage
02 3.0-5.0 >80 1.68-1.75 10-30% PP injection mould flat and smooth, no dust, reduce shrinkage


  • EVA grade, PVC grade, nylon grade, tubing & Pipe grade and non-woven fabric grade available as well.
  • Adding ratio recommended for reference only, please adjust it up or down based on experiment and experience.
  • Formula could be tailor-made upon request in order to satisfy with higher or lower price.
  • Refer to "ingredients" above, if carrier is LDPE, it does not mean it's suitable for LDPE bag only; if carrier is HDPE, it does not mean it's suitable for HDPE bag only.
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