J K Paras Polycoats Limited -  Polycoat Compounds
POLYCOAT For White Fabrics POLYCOAT-BW For White Blown Flm Bags
POLYCOAT-S For Colour & Natural Fabrics POLYCOAT-BN For Colour & Natural Blown Film Bags
Tape Breakage in Winder?
More Power in Winder?
Non-Uniformity in Winding? More Wastage?
compound 1
Reduce Tape Breakage in Winder
Reduces Powder In Winder
Even Tape Winding Reduce Wastages
Low CaJcon LoacSng?
Low Strength?
Poor Sealing Properties?
High Quantity of Powder Formation On The Flm?
Poor Dispersion?
High Dosage Of White Masteibatch?
compound 2
Increase Percentage of Calcium
More Strength
Better Sealing
Less Powder Formation
Excellent Dispersion
Reduce the Dosage of White Masterbatch
More Tape Breakage in Loom?
Less Elongation? More Friction in Loom?
Lower Loom Speed? More Fixes?
compound 3
Reduce Tape Breakage
More Elongation
Less Friction in Loom
Increase Loom Speed
Good Production
High Quality
Low Fibres
Low Elongation
Less Strength?
More Tape Breakages?
Roughness in The Rm?
High Temperature in Barrel?
Poor Dispersion?
High Wastage?
Better Elongation
Better Strength
Reduce Tape Breakages
Smoothness in the Film
Reduce Temperature in Barrel
Excellent Dispersion
Low Wastage
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