OXO- Biodegradable (OBD) Additive

OBD is a degradability-promoting plastic additive that is comprised of a proprietary blend of prodegradants, stabilisers, and fillers in a polyethylene (PE) carrier.

Typical Applications

OBD can be incorporated into PE to make translucent and opaque flexible products such as PE garbage bags, carrier bags, mailer envelopes, aprons, gloves, and ponchos.

Prescribed Addition Rate

3-4% by Weight

Product Specification



The color of OBD additive may vary from light to dark purple due to the nature of the raw materials, processing and storage conditions. Consequently, finished products incorporating OBD might vary in tint and may be more noticeable if the product is stacked together or in a roll.

Food Contact Status

OBD additive comply with the Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act (FDA) C.F.R. Chapter 21, and the European Union Regulation EU No 10/2011 on food contact plastic materials and articles applicable to all EU Member States.

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